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IWF CO Panel: Responding to Crises, The Long View - Shared screen with speaker view
Michelle Jeske
Hello all - hope you’re doing well!
Yolanda King
Hello from NM! Thanks for doing this.
Becky Takeda-Tinker
Welcome everyone to the CO Forum virtual panel on Responding to Crises!
Becky Takeda-Tinker
Hello Nevada Forum members!
The speakers are amazing! Just wanted to add some info around workforce implications to compliment this discussion. ~21 million people filed for unemployment. New numbers out tomorrow. In CO, McKinsey estimates ~973K unemployment or 35% of current CO workforce. It’s debatable what comes back - but maybe 9% in CO when we’re in the new normal. Remember ~11% - we’re in a depression. For those job seekers effected by COVID-19, OnwardCO.org is a one-stop-shop for options. Low wage workers will make more filing for unemployment insurance than working more low wage work (might be able to negotiate with employers in the future). EnergizeCO is the one stop COVID-19 shop for small businesses. Remember that 70% of America does not have a 4 year college degree. There is a national effort now to think about a rapid reskilling effort (Walmart, Microsoft, Google, etc interested). Just wanted to share some perspective on the efforts in workforce that will come long-term after some of the basic needs are met.